DiGRA 2013 Review

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DiGRA 2013 was a fantastic conference! I always enjoy attending the annual meeting of DiGRA as it never fails to give me some new perspectives on my own work. This year, Ashley O’Toole-Brown and I hosted a methods panel that brought together game scholars from different disciplines to discuss different methodological pitfalls and successes that they have experienced and that are commonly found in the game studies community. The panel managed to rouse quite a discussion from the audience which I believe highlights the need for such a discussion in our field. I hope next year Ashley and I can continue the discussion points generated from this panel and host a methods workshop.

It was great to see some familiar faces at DiGRA this year, but also to meet some new faces! It was particularly great to meet our one of our two new open seat members for the DiGRA Executive Board, Lindsay Grace, who is an Associate Professor of Games at American University.

The talks this year were great as well! I particularly enjoyed Jose Zagal’s discussion on game design education, Javier Salazar’s talk on diasporic behavior in MMORPGs, and Espen Aarseth’s discussion of ludo-narratives vs the meta-chronotope. For those interested in these, or any of the talks that were presented at DiGRA 2013, the conference proceedings will soon be made available by DiGRA.