Independent Consulting

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Recently, I have started to take on some research and design consultancy work. This has allowed me to continue my work in the field of psychology/game studies as well as dabble in specific areas of research I may not have had the opportunity to do so otherwise (such as how to optimize certain aspects of game design). My academic training and experience in research labs across the globe has provided me a set of skills that can be used to successfully bridge the gap between academia and industry and generate tangible results for those who are looking to understand and apply analytic data to answer a variety of digital game research and design questions.

If you are an industry professional or organizational representative in need of someone with several years of research design, implementation, and analysis experience and a passion for digital game research, look no further! Whether you are trying to decide how to design a successful, educational video game, or want to generate information about who is playing a game you designed (or for any question in between!), please feel free to contact me via email.

I am also available as a consultant for video game content, culture, and media effects. If you are looking for someone to consult with on these topics for media purposes, please see here.