New Perspectives on the Social Aspects of Digital Gaming: Multiplayer 2

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In 2014, Professor Thorsten Quandt and I held the multi.player 2 conference in Münster, Germany. This conference was a sequel to the highly successful multi.player conference held in Hohenheim, Germany in 2011. Like its predecessor, this conference focused on research relating to the social aspects of gaming – from multiplayer and social gaming to content analyses of the social interactions that occur while gaming. Thorsten and I were so impressed with the quality of the research that was presented, that we put together an edited volume showcasing the best of the conference. New perspectives on the social aspects of digital gaming: Multiplayer 2 will be published by Routledge later this year, and features twelve original essays from some of the top scholars in game studies, including Frans Mäyrä, John Sherry, and Jesse Fox.

I am particularly proud of my chapter in the book, co-authored with Johannes Breuer and Thorsten Quandt. Entitled, Women are from FarmVille, Men are from ViceCity: The cycle of exclusion and sexism in video game content and culture, this chapter presents a new theoretical model to better clarify how and why some gaming communities have grown to be exclusionary towards women. In particular, it examines why gender socialization processes and a male-dominated video game industry, has contributed to the exclusion of women from the video game industry and game playing communities.

You can learn more about the volume - as well as pre-order it - here. Unfortunately, there is not currently a soft-back edition, however, it will be available electronically for your preferred e-reader.