Multi.Player 2 Review

8/28/2014 • ☕️ 2 minute read

I was fortunate enough to co-chair the multi.player 2 conference earlier this month at the University of Münster in Münster, Germany. This international conference focusing on the social aspects of digital gaming featured several prominent keynotes…

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Playing for Social Comfort

7/25/2014 • ☕️ 4 minute read

Internet connectivity has changed the way that video games are being played by allowing users to connect worldwide in shared gaming spaces. These highly social environments allow players to connect, interact, and learn from each other. Despite this…

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ICA 2014 Review

6/15/2014 • ☕️ 2 minute read

ICA 2014: “Communication and the Good Life” was a fantastic conference. Without question, the research presented this year was some of the best I have seen.

My ICA experience started with the games pre-conference “Behind the Pixels”. This day-long…

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Social Gaming, Lonely Life?

5/4/2014 • ☕️ 2 minute read

In recent years, there have been rising concerns about the potential negative social impact of online video games, particularly in relation to adolescent players. While there has been a wealth of research in this area, none has yet to provide…

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Ludodemia and Other DiGRA Student Resources

4/18/2014 • ☕️ 3 minute read

For those who are not familiar with DiGRA Students, we are an international community of students and early career researchers studying digital games. I, and my co-founder Ashley O’Toole-Brown, developed this community with the hopes that it would…

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Online Gaming Friendships among Emotionally Sensitive Individuals

3/28/2014 • ☕️ 2 minute read

With the advent of new social technologies, researchers have become increasingly interested in the functionality of mediated social spaces as environments where individuals can meet new people and gather with old friends. Due to their accessibility…

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Tackling the Gamer Identity Crisis

2/7/2014 • ☕️ 1 minute read

What is a “gamer”? Who are “gamers”? How does one quantify the extent to which a person is or is not a “gamer”?

All of these questions have contributed to the recent “Gamer Identity Crisis”. I discuss these issues and the future of the “gamer” in a guest blog post for VG Researcher (it can also be seen on Gamasutra…

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ICA 2014

2/4/2014 • ☕️ 4 minute read

This year’s annual meeting of the International Communication Association will be taking place in Seattle at the end of May. I am excited to announce that this year I will be presenting two research articles, one at the Game Studies pre-conference…

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Reconsidering the Stereotype of Online Gamers

1/15/2014 • ☕️ 3 minute read

Turn on the TV at any given hour and you are bound to find a reference to the stereotypical online gamer. Popular TV shows like the Big Bang Theory, Law and Order: SVU, and web-series’ such as Pure Pwnage and The Guild have all portrayed the same…

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ICA Election Results

10/31/2013 • ☕️ 1 minute read

The votes are in! I am excited to report that my election for Secretary of Game Studies Special Interest Group (SIG) within the International Communication Association (ICA) has been successful! My term will start at the close of the Annual…

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