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Gamer Identities

11/29/2015 • ☕️ 1 minute read

What is a “gamer”? And what does it mean to be a gamer today?

These questions are ones that have been nagging me for some time now. While the term “gamer” is often thrown around as a synonym for “player”, to me these concepts are vastly different…

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#OrangeDot Campaign

11/29/2014 • ☕️ 1 minute read

In an attempt to combat some of the bad press that games, gaming, and gamers have received over the last few months (#GamerGate anyone?), Good Games Writing launched their #OrangeDot Campaign this month. The primary aim of this campaign was to help…

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Tackling the Gamer Identity Crisis

2/7/2014 • ☕️ 1 minute read

What is a “gamer”? Who are “gamers”? How does one quantify the extent to which a person is or is not a “gamer”?

All of these questions have contributed to the recent “Gamer Identity Crisis”. I discuss these issues and the future of the “gamer” in a guest blog post for VG Researcher (it can also be seen on Gamasutra…

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